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Get Focused! 4 Overlooked Lead Sources That Could Make Your Year
by Peter C. Rathmann on July 7th, 2015

Sales Lead Sources
This is the time of the year when most organizations realize their sales teams are not going to make that revenue number on the white board that seemed achievable 6 months ago.  They actually start looking at what is missing in their sales pipelines and start hearing excuses about the market and customers.  They start trying to figure out what favors they can call in and the weekly meetings just go put back on the calendar but now with the involvement of senior leadership.

Before you buy a list, send your team to the out of town speaker that is here for the week, make your team read a book that they won't use, or spend time in the war room trying to think outside the box, try these four inside-the-box sources of sales leads that most teams overlook. They could just save your year!

Sell more to current clients 

We get so focused on "new" that we forget to look at "current" customers to see how much more they could buy.  When was the last time you looked at the customer rank report or a distribution report? I guarantee that you have overlooked some easy sales within you existing account base.  What would your sales look like if you sold just one more product line or item to each of your current clients? Start making appointments with your current clients to conduct a mid-year business review and make a quick top ten hit list to take with you when make your next sales call.

Get current clients to recommend you

If you can identify what customers are good for business from the reports you ran, then you will be able to figure out which ones to ask for referrals from.  Most industries have associations that your top customers are involved in.  Either as board members or as a sponsor for the annual conference. This means that you potentially could have access to future customers but only if you ask your current customers for help. If your current clients like you and could recommend you, then you need to ask them for referrals to other people that can potentially do business with you.

Cross promote with your strategic partners

If you are in distribution or business services, then you probably have some relationships with suppliers or other complementary companies that you work side by side with in shared customers.....Why not work side by side with them in more shared customers?  Schedule a lunch or coffee meeting with your strategic partners and compare customers lists to understand where there are opportunities to cross promoted each others services and products.

Build a referral community

Get online and join those 50 LinkedIn groups to have discussions with people in your industry, get back on the networking circuit to see those strategic partners, and why not start your own referral group using Meetup or even the community room at your church.  The more people that know about what you do and who you want to work with the better.
The leads that are developed from these four sources will be higher qualified and have a shorter sales cycle because they will come from people you know. None of these sales lead sources are innovative or new.  Everyone has access to them but most of us do not take the time to think about them on a regular basis.

Next Steps

Need to turn around your year and increase your sales quickly? Here is a quick check list of activities to help get you focused on these sources of leads.
  1. Run a distribution and sales ranking report to understand which customer you can grow.
  2. Make top ten list of opportunities in your current clients for your next sales call.
  3. Conduct mid-year business reviews with your top clients and figure out who you can ask for recommendations and more business.
  4. Search for networking events that you can attend in the next month.
  5. Schedule coffee or lunch with as many strategic partners as you can to learn about who they are working with and who you can help them with.
  6. Start participating in discussions on LinkedIn and sharing your knowledge with people you can help.
  7. Join Meetup and find a new group or start your own group to build additional referral relationships in the market place.
There is a lot of low hanging fruit out there if you just take a little time to focus on it. That next sales meeting is coming up so what do you have to present as your plans to make that number?

You can request our FREE "Fuel" Sales Funnel Tool here to help you identify your long hanging fruit.

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