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15 Sales Probability Questions You Should Use
by Peter C. Rathmann on August 4th, 2015

​In the previous post: 5 Necessary Sales Ingredients 90% of Sales Teams Don't Identify, I told you that I would give you the sales questions that you need to identify and score the five sales ingredients every sales opportunity must have. 

The five sales ingredients for every sales are Budget, Authority, Need, Timing, and Trust and they each  have a possible score of 1-20 for a total of 100 points.  This score then becomes your probability to close the sales. This process should replace any automated probability settings in your CRM system and should provide you with a much more accurate sales forecast.

Here are three simple questions to help you find each of the five sales ingredients and determine their score. Each of these questions are open ended which allows your prospect to talk about their need and allows you to identify each ingredient and assign a score of 1-20.

You can just print out this blog and use it as a scoring sheet or you can request a copy of our our FREE  "Torque" Sales Funnel Tool here as well.

  1. What have you budgeted for this to happen?
  2. What are you paying now?
  3. What have you paid in the past?                                                 (SCORE_____________)
  1. Who are all the stakeholders involved with this decision?
  2. What is your decision process like?
  3. Who are all of the people that need to see the proposal?     (SCORE_____________)
  1. What does success look like to you?
  2. How have you tried to fix this before?
  3. What are your expectations?                                                       (SCORE_____________)
  1. When are you looking to start?
  2. When do you want this to be completed?
  3. How serious are you about making a change?                        (SCORE_____________)
  1. What happens if you don't fix this problem?
  2. What are you not able to do because you need this fixed?
  3. What needs to happen for me to help you with this?             (SCORE_____________)

You should develop a list questions that is relevant to the opportunities you are working on and work on using them for every opportunity you find.

One last item. Don't forget to total the scores from above  to ask for the order if the score is 100! 

For a list of soft close questions and three easy steps that you can use to accelerate the sales process, please see our post ​3 Easy Steps Your Sales Team Probably Does Not Use to Drive The Sales Funnel

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