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The Mission of SalesTechnik

SalesTechnik, LLC is a professional sales force engineering and integration service that helps individuals, organizations, and companies increase their opportunities in the market. Place the right people in the right positions doing the right activities and remove the natural and inherent dysfunctions from your sales function.

Geared towards manufacturing, professional services, distribution, and general industry from $1-$25 million in revenue, we aim to maximize your selling activities by transfering experience and best practices that will leave you with a selling function that operates at 500% more capacity without any additional overhead expenses.

The Process

Unlike traditional consulting services, we meet with you at your location at your convenience to have a simple business discussion about what your selling function is great at and what your selling function needs to get better at.

After completing an assessment, a personalized solution will be developed and presented complete with prioritized actions, timelines, and expectations of both parties.

Our goal is to engage with your team, become part of your culture, integrate best practices, and coach your team to perpetuate success. Have you ever heard of a consultant that stays with you in the trenches? We stay engaged with you throughout the development and implementation as a strategic partner in your growth with the goal of leaving you with a sustainable selling function.

Why SalesTechnik?

While most sales training firms take you off-site, motivate you with canned materials, and then leave you to integrate their recommendations on your own, SalesTechnik works along side your team to re-engineer the process which minimizes disruption in your current work flow. 

We work with you to streamline your efforts short term, help evolve your sales force into a functioning team, and finally implement a model that will allow you to maximize your current personnel and opportunities.  
Founded by Peter C. Rathmann, MBA, SalesTechnik (Technik is German for "Engineering") brings you nearly 26 years of successful experience in outside sales, sales management, business development, sales force development and sales process re-engineering.

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