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"Torque" Sales Funnel Power

"Torque" was developed to take the "hope" out of your funnel and help you understand what your sales pipeline is actually worth.  Take the gut feeling out of the mix and fill your sales funnel with better opportunities by understanding where the gaps are in your sales funnel.  Click here to request a copy of the sale tool with directions.

"Throttle" Accelerate Your Sales Process

"Throttle" will help you reverse engineer that amount of activities that you will need to meet your sales goal.  It will also help you focus on the higher priority activities that will keep you sales funnel full and help you identify what activities you need to improve to close sales faster.  Click here to request a copy of the sales tool.

"Fuel" Your Sales Funnel

Fill your sales funnel with high octane opportunities.  This sales tool will identify where the "low hanging fruit" is for your next sales opportunities and fill your sales funnel with opportunities that have a higher probability to close with a greater value.  Click here to request a copy of the sales tool

"Spec Sheet" Your Ideal Client Profile

Quite trying to be something to everyone and quit wasting valuable time on terrible sales leads by focusing your efforts on the right leads that are right for the business.  What are those specific attributes of a target client that match what other great clients look like?  Click here to request a copy of the sales tool.

"Road Map" Align Your Sales & Marketing Efforts

Align all of your sales and marketing efforts to create a sales culture and a sales organization to support your sales efforts.  Now that you have a target list and understand what you need to get better at and what you need to do less of, fine tune the rest of your sales engine with the right support and the right activities. Click here ‚Äčto learn more and schedule a "Road Map" session with your team.

Are you a "do it yourself" type? Let us know if we can help you integrate these sales tools into your sales efforts if you are not.