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Executive and Sales Management Coaching and Training

Selling Function Analysis and Strategic sales Growth Planning

Receive a Selling Function Analysis and SWOT based on your sales structure, sales processes, sales skills, and sales activities to help identify opportunities to fine tune your sales engine and increase the opportunities in the market utilizing your existing resources. 

Interim Sales & Marketing Leadership - Sales Force Optimization

Receive the benefit of staffing a full time VP of Sales and Marketing or Sales Manager without the overhead. Increase your opportunities in the market, convert new clients, increase revenues, increase margins, and develop sales force effectiveness through a short term engagement that will fine tune your sales engine and integrate a sustainable effort.

Strategic Sales Planning

Do you have a goal in place? Start with developing your sales goal for the year and then reverse engineer everything that needs to happen to get there.  Do you have the right structure, processes, people, skills, and activities to get there?  Read more about our approach here or contact us to get started on your planning.

Client Engagment Mapping

From the point of awareness for your product or service all the way through delivery, billing, and re-orders, our sales and marketing expertise can design a marketing and sales process that will match every point of your clients' buying process. We will design, develop, implement, and coach each member of your team what their role is in the client engagement map and how to effectively market throughout each stage.

CRM System Selection

Your customers are your largest asset and if you are not using a CRM system to manage them, you have the potential to lose all of your customer information when your sales person leaves. We can help you select and integrate the right software so you can continue to market to your customers should their be a personnel change.

Strategic Partnership Opportunities

Utilize our network of strategic contacts to expand your network and business opportunities through a shared revenue model that is mutually beneficial based on your profit margin. Services include lead generation, lead qualification, developing strategic alliances, and brokering high level introduction to strategic relationships.
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