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"Peter has a passion for helping other people, and that passion is contagious. His drive and focus can only drive his clients to achieve great results and success in their businesses. He has a strategic approach that regularly earns him a seat at the table where decisions are made. I highly recommend Peter as a business partner whose integrity is not negotiable." -Judi Murphy Sr. VP & Co-Founder, Murphy Associates
"Having a unique, new to market mix of products, Peter was able to quickly adapt his skills and knowledge to our needs. Peter was able to get our sales group moving in the same direction and with better focus. We look forward to working with him again." - Doug Geuder, Owner President at Alliance Manufacturing Group, LLC
"Peter did a fantastic job working with my Business Development team. He focused on process, the right activities and the right messaging which has translated to a much healthier pipeline. In about 4 months my sales team was up and running tracking toward goals that will have a positive impact on the business. I'd say coaching is probably Peter's best attribute as he can listen to issues and problems that sales teams face and recommend a variety of different approaches to deal with them. I can't recommend Peter enough if you want to put a new look on your sales team and get them thinking outside of the box." - Brad Zepecki, SafeNet Consulting
​"Working with Salestechnik was a very rewarding and energetic experience. I would recommend Peter and Salestechnik to any company large or small that needs help in marketing and managing a sales force." -Cindi Denevan, RCB Awards
"Peter has been a valuable mentor, instructor, and coach to me as I started, stumbled and worked my way through a process I didn't completely understand when I began. Peter put me in contact with like minded people who want others to succeed Thanks for your time, direction and help." - Forrest Ramsel - Founder, Summit CFO's

What we do

If your sales people are not meeting with 4 qualified buyers each and every day, you are not set up for success. As companies have increased their capacity to produce, their sales teams are still being managed on principles from the 1950’s. One-day training seminars, CRM software, and additional salespeople are wasted efforts that do not address the root configuration problem. We develop and integrate best practices through sales process engineering and deliver a better selling function for you.
Sales Process Engineering at its best! Maximize your selling opportunities and make the most of your operational capacity by putting the right people in the right places with the right procedures. Through utilization of the Theory of Constraints (TOC) and applying LEAN and Six-Sigma principles to the marketing, sales, and customer service functions, SalesTechnik will help you become more agile in the market - attracting higher margin customers and protecting existing customer relationships from looming competitors.
We have helped over 50 individuals, organizations, and companies improve their selling function. These companies range in size from 1 to over 700 people and represent professional services, manufacturing, distribution, construction, legal, landscaping, consulting, financial, accounting, bio-medical, and non-profits market segments.

Before: Inefficiencies, Redundancies, Silos, Lack of Communication, Customer Attrition

Is your sales team trying to balance business development with the business of doing business? Traditional organizational structures are deeply rooted in silos that create inefficiencies, redundant communications and mispositioned workflow - not to mention, they expose your customer to your competitors in the market.

After: Maximized Resources, Teamwork, and Improved Customer Retention

By aligning the company with shared goals, we help to eliminate departmental silos, putting the client at the center of the organization. This new, client-centered model is not only more efficient - putting each task in the hands of the most capable team member - it increases your sales force capacity and effectiveness.